Just 10 days is what it would take to get you slim.



3.) Drink Water

You need to start your day with drinking one or two glass of plain water. This will help start your metabolism and remove toxins from your body. And also water has no calories. It will help you controlling your hunger and will certainly lead to consumption of unnecessary calories. You can also consume green tea along with water.


4.) Less Salt Consumption

Consume fewer amounts of salty snacks like namkeen, chips, processed food that are high in sodium. These foods are added with extra amount of sodium as a preservative. High sodium food causes water retention in the body. Salt is so addictive that you won’t be satisfied by one piece rather you would the whole packet and the small packet of chips contains 500 calories which would require 45 minutes to burn by running off. So just simply avoid the chips packet and eat something fibrous.