Just 10 days is what it would take to get you slim.


5.) Push-ups and squats

Till now one of the best ways to burn calories is doing push-ups and squats. If would take only 15 minutes and the effect will be you would like you had a hard time at the gym. These exercises are fantastic to burn calories, fat. In no time you can tone your arms and legs.


6.) Running Exercise

Yes you will have to do running exercise to burn calories, suppress appetite hormones and reduce stress. Add running exercise to your schedule if you only do walking because running will get you slim body within short time. Running with help you burn more calories and research also showed that you continue to lose calories even after 2 hours after your running exercise.


7.) Go for a walk after you have a meal

Having a walk after your meal can burn your calories quickly and help in your digestion. If your do not do exercise or walking then it is a simple and easy way that can burn you calories.

DID YOU KNOW going for a walk after your meal improves your sugar level as much as it would improve in 45 days walking in the morning. Research has shown that post meal walking helps clear glucose from the bloodstream. So  next time be sure to walk after having a meal rather than sitting on the couch.