How to gain weight fast?

When everybody gets obsessed with less weight, and find it hard to gain weight in a safer way. Adjust your eating habits, what to eat and when to eat. Don’t forget to exercise and have something before and after your workout. And still you are not able to gain weight then consult a doctor or a dietitian for a problem.

  • Add more amount of calories to your diet.

While you prepare the food try to increase the amount of calories in your diet. Your sandwich can have a slice of cheese. How about adding an egg to you soup? Use olive oil in your vegetables, nuts, or cheese on your salad.


  • Consume high-fat snacks.

One of the healthier ways to regulate your weight is having an adequate amount of fat in your diet. Eat nuts, nut butters, seeds etc. Try dried fruits, cheese, full fat yogurt. For calories you can have vegetables, tahini and olive oil that have a great amount of hummus. When you want to have something savory you can have olive oil and cheese.