Improve Your Fitness Level: 10 easy steps to boost up your fitness level.

4.)Warming up: Before starting your workout be sure to do warm up exercises else you may have injuries.


 Stretching exercises: After finishing your workout be sure to do stretching exercises as well. It will help your body to gain               size. It is as important as doing workout exercises.

5.)Diet: without diet your workout is a waste. Your body needs carbs and proteins for muscle building. Without proteins your muscles won’t grow rather they would start shrinking.

        On average you need enough protein that would be double of your body weight in grams.

         Say if your weight is 50kgs then you need 50 x 2 =100 grams of proteins..

         For diet visit here.

6.)Variety in exercises: It’s better to make changes in your exercises. For bodybuilding make sure to train your every muscle which will need different exercises. Make sure you increase the weight and reps as your days increases.